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Krystil will live on in organs they plan to harvest for donations. After Randyll repeatedly insults Sam at dinner that night, Gilly accidentally reveals that she is a wildling while trying to defend him, sending Randyll into an even worse rage. He then starts trying to catch Bran up on everything that he needs to know about the past as quickly as possible. Walder then asks him about the sack of Winterfell and Roose reveals that it was his bastard, Ramsay Snow Iwan Rheon , who actually destroyed the castle, not the ironborn. Jorah warns Dany not to trust a sellsword who so easily betrayed his former captains. Janos descends the Wall and goes to hide in the same supply closet as Gilly.
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Game of Thrones: Season 1, Episode 6

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The rest of the group wisely decides to leave without trying their luck against him. Ramsay then escorts Sansa back to her room and rapes her while forcing Theon to watch. As the survivors row away, the Night King makes his way down to the docks and reanimates all of the dead wildlings as wights while staring Jon down. In Braavos, Arya is once again accosted by the Waif while begging on the streets. In Braavos, a still-bleeding Arya somehow makes her way to the theater, where Lady Crane finds her and takes her home to stitch her up.
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But just as Myranda is about to fire an arrow at Sansa, Theon finally makes a stand and throws her over the railing to fall to her death in the courtyard. She later smothers Drogo with a pillow to put him out of his misery and orders Jorah to tie Mirri Maz Duur to the funeral pyre — on which Dany also places her three dragon eggs — as punishment for her betrayal. That night, Drogon visits a distraught Daenerys on her balcony before again flying away. All hell breaks loose as Sam flees the keep with Gilly and her newborn baby. Later, Jon and Sansa sit alone and reminisce about their childhood at Winterfell. Tywin recognizes that Arya is a girl and recruits her as his new cupbearer. Sansa insists that Lyanna was kidnapped and raped by Rhaeghar, as Robert Baratheon claimed, but Littlefinger makes a face that suggests he thinks otherwise.
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After Ser Barristan offers Daenerys some insight into how her father, the Mad King, ruled without a fair justice system, Dany decides to give the alleged murderer a trial rather than just execute him. If Yezzan allows him to fight in the Great Games, then he can sell Jorah to whoever he wants afterward. After rowing ashore just outside the Dornish capital of Sunspear, Jaime and Bronn are accosted by four Dornish guards. He grabs onto a root of the weirwood tree and enters a vision where he sees the army of the dead for the first time. Theon backs his sister as promised, but in the middle of the debate, Euron shows up to shrewdly throw his name in the ring. New air passenger bill of rights puts price on frustration.
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